The Science
Behind Update
After years of research and development, we're proud to present UPDATE - the next era of energy. Here is how we made UPDATE, the science behind it, and the team of experts that made it possible.
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studied, trialed and considered
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Key Attributes
UPDATE is the next era in energy, featuring the breakthrough ingredient paraxanthine (enfinity®) - the most effective source of energy and focus.
Our ingredients are backed by peer reviewed scientific research and formulated by leading scientists.
We don't add sugar, Sucralose, Aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. We use only natural sweeteners.
Every ingredient in UPDATE has GRAS certification (Generally Recognized As Safe).
Each ingredient is chosen based on its ability to work synergistically with the other ingredients in our nootropic stack to enhance focus and energy.
UPDATE's ingredients are certified Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten Free.
Meet Our Experts
UPDATE's scientific panel of experts include leading physicians, professors, biochemists and ingredient experts.
Shawn Wells
Dr Ted Achacoso
Kylin Liao
Dr Ralf Jäger
David Tomen
Formulation scientist
Health Optimization Advisor
Ingredient Advisor
Clinical Research Advisor
Scientific Research Advisor
Nootropics Advisor
Having patents on over 15 novel ingredients and formulated over 500 products, he is the go to mind with all things supplements.
Double-Board Certified in Interventional Endocrinology and in Nutritional Medicine. A professor of medical informatics and of neurointerventional radiology.
A chemist developing and manufacturing new, novel and unique ingredients including Paraxanthine (enfinity®).
An organic chemist spending his career examining the intersection between supplements, ingredients and technology.
An inventor of functional foods and dietary supplements. Designing and conducting clinical studies on emerging and leading ingredients in the market.
David has been researching nootropics and brain optimization for over 10 years, publishing in depth ingredient deep dives.

Our core ingredient, Paraxanthine (enfinity®), elevates you beyond baseline in a way that caffeine simply cannot. It's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certified by an independent expert panel and is the product of years of research and data.

What is Paraxanthine?
Paraxanthine is one of the three metabolites of caffeine, and is the compound that produces the energetic and focus effects we love from caffeine. The other two metabolites, theobromine and theophylline are excluded in order to eliminate the side effects of jitters, anxiety, overstimulation, and the dreaded caffeine crash.

Read the scientific studies here.
Paraxanthine works for more people than caffeine
of people are fast metabolizers of caffeine, and may not even experience the desired effects.
of people are slow metabolizers of caffeine. They're highly sensitive and experience more side effects than benefits.
of people tend to have both the fast and slow metabolizer gene.
Benefits long-term Brain Health

Paraxanthine protects dopaminergic neurons, and is strongly protective against neurodegeneration and loss of synaptic function while caffeine only provides marginal protection.

A shorter half-life
means less impact on sleep:

Paraxanthine has a shorter half-life than Caffeine and the other caffeine metabolites. This makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of Update within a shorter timespan and avoid the disruptive impact of caffeine on sleep further into the day:

3.1 HRS
7.2 HRS
6.2 HRS
Supporting ingredients
To support the advanced energy, focus, and mood boosting properties of Paraxanthine, we formulated an effective stack of premium nootropics in highly effective and synergistic doses to support hours of sustained, flexible focus and energy
Boosts energy, confidence, attention, cognitive and executive function. It is considered more effective and less toxic than caffeine.
Enhances memory formation. It is a precursor to acetylcholine which also delays fatigue, sharpens agility, and enhances muscular power output.
Works with Paraxanthine to promote relaxed alertness, attention, and easier task-switching
Vitamin b12 (Methylcobalamin)
B12 (methylcobalamin): the naturally occurring form of activated B-12 vitamin that is the most readily absorbed by the body. It plays a key role in supporting your brain and nervous system.
Caffeine is obsolete.
It's time for an Update.