Update your Office

How to get Update in your office?

1. In-office Sampling: Update offers free in-office sampling to workplaces in New York City with over 50 office employees. We set up a tasting area, educate you and the team on Update, have you try the product, and leave you with any leftovers! To arrange your office sampling, fill out this form here

2. Dedicated Office Discounts: Update offers special pricing for office subscriptions, and other promotions from time-to-time for office employees (including: discounts, exclusive access to special events and swag). 

3. Free Update refrigerator: For offices who subscribe to Update with over 50 office employees, we offer a free refrigerator to stock your Update in, so you don't have to juggle existing fridge space. To receive a free refrigerator once you've subscribed, fill out this form here


For offices outside of New York City

We are expanding beyond New York City shortly. To be first in line for an office sampling when we go live in your city please fill out this form here.